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Improve Your Congress Competitive Intelligence

We help you plan, consolidate intelligence, and generate insights from life science conferences.


Our partnership with Pfizer

Learn how Pfizer used to cut 50% of cost and enabled teams to focus on higher order thinking.


Make the most out of Hybrid Conferences

By 2023, most major conferences will be held both in-person, and streaming online. Conference attendees need to rethink how they approach participation in a hybrid world to maximize their investment of both time and money.

What We Do

Plan Your Conference

Find relevant sessions using our interactive planner with built-in session priorities based on your target market and media activity.

Dive Deep Into Sessions

Explore our session overview pages which maps abstracts, presentation, transcript, Q&As, news, press releases, CI materials from competitor's booth, and Twitter reactions.

Get Custom Reports

Send daily debrief and post-conference intelligence reports to your stakeholders with the support of our consultants.

How It Works