• Ferma is a Large Language Model (LLM) trained on a vast array of healthcare data. It can analyze your questions, access and analyze the relevant life sciences datasets and generate answers specifically tailored to your questions, in real time.
  • Ask Ferma any life sciences question - if the appropriate data is available in a connected dataset, Ferma will provide an answer in a conversational, natural language format. With each answer, Ferma also provides citations in a hyperlink format to enable users to interpret the source data for themselves.

Ferma can answer any question which meets three eligibility criteria:
  • The question is related to life sciences
  • The question does does not violate Ferma terms of service or user agreements
  • The data needed to answer the question is contained within data modules which the user or enterprise has enabled within an active Ferma subscription

  • By default, all Ferma users are assigned to a “Base” subscription at no cost. The Base subscription enables Ferma to access to the life sciences web and most publicly-available life sciences websites
  • As of May 2023, the following data modules are available via paid subscription. Some users may receive complimentary access to these data sets for a limited time.
    • Trials: comprehensive clinical trials database via clinicaltrials.gov
    • Congress: abstracts and data releases from select life sciences conferences
    • Publications: comprehensive biomedical journal publications via PubMed
    • Business Intelligence: earnings calls, press releases, and life sciences news
  • The following data modules are planned for the future:
    • Patents
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Payer/Coverage information
    • And more!

  • Unlike other AI-driven chatbots, Ferma does not hallucinate or “make up” answers without a basis in existing datasets. Ferma will provide answers to a user query only when data required to answer the query exists within an active Ferma data module.
  • In addition, Ferma provides hyperlinked citations for each response, enabling users to click-through to the source data and assess response accuracy for themselves.

Data privacy and security is paramount within life sciences. Ferma safeguards user data through adherence to strict privacy guidelines and terms of service. Your data will never be shared with or accessible to any third party.

As of May 2023, Ferma is available to life sciences professionals actively employed by a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company. Individuals not meeting these criteria can join the Ferma waitlist and be the first to know when access is expanded.

  • Ferma’s Base subscription is available to individuals at no cost for up to 20 queries per week
  • Ferma’s Pro subscription enables up to 500 queries per user per week for $100/month or $1,000/year
  • Access to advanced data modules are available for additional subscription fees
  • Enterprise-level contracts are available at discounted rates - contact [email protected] for more information

Payments are accepted through credit and debit cards. Once you create an account, you can visit the subscriptions page in the app for more details.

Enterprise-level subscriptions include several benefits
  • Volume discounts
  • Upto 1000 prompts per user
  • Early access to upcoming modules
  • Priority support

You can cancel your subscription on the subscriptions page on the corresponding plan. Please note than canceling a subscription does not refund the price, but you retain access till the end of the subscription duration.

For technical or billing support, reach out HERE.

Alongside ZoomRx’s full-service consulting team, Ferma technology can help solve an endless variety of unique life sciences challenges for you or your team. To learn more about custom applications and implementation, contact the Ferma team here.